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Hello, world!

My name is Daniël! And I develop all sorts of stuff.

About me

I'm a 17 year old developer from The Netherlands, I've worked on numerous Wordpress and Node.js projects. I started to develop websites when I was 8 years old, copy-pasting things from the internet to make the website that I wanted to make. Now, 8 years later, I've made a few websites for companies and worked along other developers to make (amazing) Discord Bots and such.

I currently work for a Dutch company where I manager their websites and build new ones. Next to that I work on my own projects and teach myself new coding skills using the internet.


The following bars show how good I think I am with certain programming languages or tools. As I'm constantly learning new things and features of the programming languages that I use, these bars might change whenever I feel like I have a better understanding of the language. The most recent language I got started with is C#, I've been enjoying making programs with it and I'm planning on making more advanced programs using it in the near future. I'll release the programs on this website.

Wordpress CMS




C# & .NET

One of the frameworks I work a lot with is Express, it has made webdevelopment a lot easier and allowed me to write websites faster than I would've done without a framework. I also have experience with Linux servers and can easily setup things on them.


Since I started developing I've worked on tons of projects, a lot of them are private projects to learn new things, and I'm planning to get started on new projects in the near future. The list below contains 3 of the projects that I think you should know about. If you want to know more projects I've worked on, simply drop a mail in my inbox.

I also have some smaller projects, for example Bot.js, which are available on my Github. Yes, I do have some "useless" and empty projects on there. They're just a reminder for me when and why I started to get interested in certain programming languages/technologies. Another project I'm currently working on is called Reddit Feed, it's a feed that updates every second with a new & fresh Reddit post. It's for those who're interested in grinding some karma on fresh posts. I'm still working on adding a lot of features in the upcoming days. Check it out over here!


Some people asked for my build and I think it's easier if I just put it on this page for them to have a look. So, for those who're interested in my current computer build, here's the list. I built it in October of 2018 and specificly choose to get an AMD Processor because I love the core-count and they perform very well for their price. I also opted for a 240GB SSD just for Windows, I know programms load slower but I don't really mind that since my HDD is fast enough for now.